Frequently Asked Questions

[su_spoiler title=”What do you need for your show?” style=”fancy”]
A good sound system, a stage area which is ideal if it’s at least 3 feet high, the audience to sit close and the ability to control the lighting. It is great if the stage can be well lit and the lighting for the audience can be lowered to a very dark level. Many times not all these are an option, but there is always a way to make it work. The most important thing is a good sound system, which is common at almost all venues where performances normally take place. It is also a big help to have someone from the company introduce me! This is not a requirement but it is much more fun to have someone connected with your company. [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Is there anything that can ruin a show that we can avoid?” style=”fancy”]
Audiences don’t laugh and eat at the same time. As long as the show is scheduled before or after any food services, then the show can be a huge success! [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Do you offer a guarantee?” style=”fancy”]
Yes. 100% will be refunded if the content of my show is inappropriate. I can’t be held responsible if a member of the audience may chooses to participate by using offensive words or content, but this is very rare and I have learned how to reframe an uncomfortable situation and make it better!
[su_spoiler title=”Do you require a deposit?” style=”fancy”]
Yes, a 50% retainer and signed agreement is required to reserve a date. The event is not booked until these two things have been received.
[su_spoiler title=”What size audience do you perform for?” style=”fancy”]
I have done shows for 40 employees in a small room and for 2,500 in a theatre. As long as I have a good audio system and everyone is attentive the audience size is not a factor.
[su_spoiler title=”Will your show be embarrassing to anyone?” style=”fancy”]
No. I have no offensive content in my show, and I do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable, because uncomfortable people don’t laugh! Sometimes a person in the audience may participate, but my approach is always to celebrate them instead of making fun or creating a roast type atmosphere. I always ask if they would like to talk, and if they say no, then they are free and clear!
[su_spoiler title=”If our event is running behind schedule, can you start at a later time?” style=”fancy”]
No. I have a busy schedule, so all performances must begin (and more importantly) end on time. If you have to start me late, I may be forced to reduce the duration of the performance to accommodate my schedule. Please give yourself some cushion when planning your event’s timeline. Be realistic on how long it may take to serve all of your guests so that I’m not forced to begin while they are still eating.
[su_spoiler title=”Is your show clean?” style=”fancy”]
Yes. I appreciate how important it is to have non offensive material in the corporate world. I will give a 100% refund if my material is not clean and perfect for everyone at your event.

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