Attention Event Planners!

Are you looking for Jaw-Dropping Entertainment to Amaze Your Guests?

Are you trying to find a quality entertainers that to make them laugh like crazy?

Event planers across the region call Thad Ellsworth and his amazing BEYOND REALITY COMEDY MAGIC AND ILLUSION SHOWS

Beyond Reality Magic Shows are a perfect blend of Comedy, Magic, Illusion, Escape, Mind Reading and 100% pure entertainment fun for any audience!

Thad’s unique style of entertainment blends off-beat visual magic and illusion with clean comedy, and hilarious and amazing audience participation to get everyone laughing and involved.

Thad's schedule sells out every year

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Thad has a proven track record of entertainment success across the region. It is a clean comedy magic and illusion show everyone will be talking about it for months to come.

Performing laugh-packed and amazing magic shows every year for clients such as Cass County Electric, Fargo Housing, Fargo Parks, Moorhead Parks, Sundog Interactive, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, Noridian Insurance, North Dakota State Collage of Science, Vertin Funeral Homes, Community First National Bank, Elks Club, Ride Across Minnesota, Kittson County Fair, Richland County Fair, Morton County Fair and many others.

Thad’s passion for magic began at the age of ten when his third grade teacher assigned a study of the biography on Harry Houdini. After that he was truly hooked! Then along came Harry Blackstone Jr. and David Copperfield with there grand illusions. He was fascinated by them and amazed by the impact magic can have.

Thad Checked out every book on magic from the local library he could find and performed a new trick each week in front of his class that year boosting his self-esteem, and sparking a life-long interest in a fun and rewarding hobby.

Soon he began performing his magic all over town for birthday parties.

Today as a professional magician, Thad’s Love for magic still thrives performing all across the region as the areas favorite family entertainer!

“Performing allows me to enjoy life by providing lasting memories for children, families, and friends. It’s a wonderful feeling to see people laughing and hearing the oohs and ahhs of all the kids, talk about priceless!”

“Thad offers three amazing family entertainment packages for you to choose from. Remember every packages comes with his 100% — “”no worries, no hassles, no way you’re not going to be thrilled”” — money-back guaranteed. But don’t worry, in 29 years no one has ever had to take him up on it.

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