Dean Lewis Shows

Three Different Types of Shows to Create A Memorable Event

Comedy Package
A 30 to 45 minute Customized Show

A show customized and created about the topics your company knows and cares about. This can include a fun interaction your employees during the show. Perfect for a humorous break from training, a fun alternative way to start or end a meeting or as entertainment for awards shows, after dinner events, parties, and retreats. Part of the preparation includes company research, a phone conference and if needed a personal onsite visit!

The Team Building Package
A 45-minute or longer Customized Event Featuring Employee Interaction

Energize your employees with comedy while using proven techniques that result in team building and how to be excellent communicators. Using exercises that are hilarious, entertaining and interactive they will feel creative, motivated and connected. Participants will never feel silly, but they are guaranteed to have a fantastic time and be the funniest part of the show! This package includes the powerful message about using agreement and building off of each other instead of competing.

The Talk Show Package
30 to 45 minute Show Presented in a Talk Show Format

This includes an opening monologue focused on your company and its employees, followed by a unique comedy piece about your industry, like a Top Ten List. Next there is an interview with anyone from the CEO to the top performer talking about the topics you want covered. The big finish is a showcase featuring one or more members of your staff sharing their hidden talent, like singing, playing an instrument or performing in a pre-written comedy sketch.

Make Your Corporate Event A Success

Hire an Emmy award-winning comedian direct from TV for your corporate event!